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    That’s always the way, isn’t it? You always have something to blab on about, you set yourself up a blog to say it and then you run out of time or steam.

    I’ve been short of both lately, so there’s been very little activity here. I’m also trying to get myself together and create a custom theme for this blog and for other domains that I own. Combine that with the “busy season” at work and you never get things done when you want to…

    So, anyway, here we are heading into 2009 and I’ve got lots to say about nothing.

    More soon…

  • 09 Sep 2008 /  Site Related

    Pictures from icanhascheezburger.wordpress.com

    I Can Haz Rants?

    So I guess I should welcome people to TheHerne.com.
    You asked for it, you got it.

    This will be my own little place on the Internet where I can post the sorts of comments that I want to post without any fear of ticking off some administrator somewhere and getting my backside banned from someone else’s blog.

    This is my space and therefore *I* make the rules. You are welcome to comment on my posts, but now I am the administrator that can ban your backside! (queue maniacal laughter)

    What to Expect

    I will not be making daily posts. Hell, they may not even be weekly posts, but then if Cait can go for months without making a post on her blog, then I can get away with it too! You get what you pay for here on TheHerne.com, and you ain’t paying a helluva lot.

    In between postings of various rants, I will also try to get around to compiling and writing up a couple of my travelogues that I had originally posted over at Blogger. I’ve been meaning to update them into something resembling legibility for some time now, but I’d never gotten around to it. In addition, I hope to get around to putting some stuff into my “theherne” Flickr stream so that people can see where I’ve been.

    I’ve just started playing around with making voice recordings, so I would also like to include small audio files from time to time (as soon as I figure out how to do that), possibly some full-length audio files of the rants that I send to the Aussie Geek Podcast or other podcasts, or just me generally going on, laughing insanely, or brushing my teeth. (Hey, it worked for Knightwise.)

    I read when I get time, so expect me to write up some reviews about books that I’ve recently read. But don’t expect to hear about anything that’s listed on Oprah or the New York Times Best Seller list because I go out of my way to avoid the crap that they put on those lists. My interests tend toward Sci-Fi, Fantasy, History, Travel, and just plain odd stuff.

    Oh, I should mention that I listen to several different podcasts, not just the Aussie Geek Podcast and the Knightcast, and I will be adding those links and others to my sidebar. I also listen to several podcasts, like G’Day World, from The Podcast Network down there in Australia and others.

    You can also find me on Twitter, but you probably already knew that.

    I’m still in the process of modifying and updating this WordPress thing, so don’t be surprised if the “look” of the blog changes from time to time as I figure new things out.


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